April Showers – What Do They Have To Do With Investing?

Met Office data shows that April is the month with the most rain showers on average1. It’s due to jet stream movement, pressure systems, and many other variables all interacting – ‘Chaos Theory’ at work2. This makes it very difficult to predict exactly where and when showers will occur, and […]

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Getting A Bonus? Don’t Lose It To The Taxman!

Welcome to my monthly blog post. I hope you are well and find this month’s post of interest.

If you are an employee, you may be fortunate enough to receive a bonus, a reflection of your contribution to your employer. If you are expecting a bonus sometime soon, you may already […]

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Intergenerational Wealth

We must talk about…mmm… mmmmm… money (how very un-British!)

This is not an article about inheritance tax planning, per se. Although, I can certainly help if you want advice on the subject and help you not miss out on the valuable allowances available. However, this is an article about highlighting the […]

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How to harvest your investments for over £30k tax free income a year!

It’s harvest time in the farming calendar. Land management has proven that the timing and order in which crops are harvested makes a great deal of difference to the yield. Some factors are relatively predictable, such as when a crop is likely to be ready. Other factors are very uncertain, […]

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