Intergenerational Planning

Keep it in the family

It’s rude to talk about money. That’s something that many of us have drummed into us as small children. But in some instances, we really should talk about money. Take the subject of inheritance for example. Without an honest and transparent conversation with your loved ones […]

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Inheritance Tax Planning

The subject of inheritance is a hot topic. Daniel Craig has both ‘shaken’ and ‘stirred’ the debate by stating he’ll be spending or giving away most of his fortune, rather than leaving it to his children. It’s an interesting point of view, made a little easier of course if you’re […]

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Drawdown & Retirement Planning

Post-pandemic retirement planning

At the time of writing this we continue to face challenging times. As we have emerged from the pandemic we have entered a period of instability with the war in Ukraine and a cost of living crisis at home. If you have retired in recent years or you […]

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Getting A Bonus? Don’t Lose It To The Taxman!

Welcome to my monthly blog post. I hope you are well and find this month’s post of interest.

If you are an employee, you may be fortunate enough to receive a bonus, a reflection of your contribution to your employer. If you are expecting a bonus sometime soon, you may already […]

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August Holidays – A Taste of What Retirement Will Be Like? Not Quite!

The images used in retirement marketing often show deck chairs on sunset beaches, golf courses and cruises. It is often portrayed as ‘the longest holiday of your life.’ However, behavioural research continues to challenge that reality:

  • 52% of people surveyed, expected to continue working after ‘retirement’*. This so called ‘Working […]
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